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Our accomplishment

An all-in-one solution for healthy products

As a result of our joint efforts, we have developed a smart solution for health care providers to serve the end users

Ecommarce System, Operation flow, Digital product design: UX research, concept design, UX/UI design, interaction and motion design, prototyping, user validation, design system, Business Analytics, Marketing Performance.

The Challange

To ensure the end user is able to pick the right healthy product, it is imperative that we understand their needs in relation to healthy products, and then provide them with an easy-to-use product that will guide them in their selection

The Soultion

It is necessary to develop a smart e-commerce system that is capable of understanding the needs of the customers based on their individual circumstances and recommending the best product to fit their needs
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Shop by country

It was very important to us that the product would be available from anywhere in the world so that users could have it delivered directly to their door step

Home page

For each individual, showing the right products on the homepage is crucial, so we ensured that every user had a unique experience upon logging in.

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Product details

We made sure the product details page supplies all the ingredients and directions for use, since details are very important when it comes to healthy products.

Multiple categoris

In order to make it convenient for users to find the healthy product that meets their needs, it is thoughtful to organize healthy products by categories so that user needs can be met

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Precise location

The address information for the delivery address should be as precise as possible so that any mistakes cannot be made during delivery

The quiz

Using multiple questions about the user's condition, the system will be able to locate the best product based on the information that the user provides

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Home service

As soon as the labotory is brought to the customer's doorstep, the system will suggest products to the consumer based on the blood test results.

Jassim Almudhaf

They were with us from day one to help us achieve our vision. As a technology advisor we were able to eliminate the friction of technology and scalability.



Alexander Alghais

It’s been a pleasure working with the Nizek team as we are growing Provin. Their team is very reliable and quickly responds to ad-hoc requests. In a startup environment with a lot of changes and growth, Nizek’s team has been very flexible and provides us with customized solutions that enable us to maximize our sales and run operations smoothly.

Head of Operations