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Our accomplishment

Creating the largest online toy store in the GCC

Through the use of the latest technology, we have built a scalable ecommerce platform that can handle the expansion of the client's business

ERP System, Operation flow, Digital product design: UX research, concept design, UX/UI design, interaction and motion design, prototyping, user validation, design system, Business Analytics, Marketing Performance.

The Challange

Based on the analysis of the company's growth, it can be seen that the company is rapidly expanding in all of the countries in which it operates. In the event that the company were to add a new country to their list of destinations, it would have to establish operations, inventory, and warehouse facilities in that country to serve that market.

The Soultion

To develop a ERP system from scratch together with mobile applications that will allow Dabdoob to expand its operation in a matter of seconds. This ERP system must take into account the needs of Dabdoob's operations in different countries. Also, it must provide different product recommendations and experiences to users from different countries.


As a first step before diving into the design, we drew a low fidelity wireframe to get an overview of the mobile application and identify any missing user journeys.


Dabdoob provides its services in a wide range of countries, so customers can shop wherever they want, and we also show the customers the number of countries where dabdoob services are available.

Nizek Dabdoob Design 16
Nizek Dabdoob Design 15
Nizek Dabdoob Design 14


Dabdoob starts with an introduction to welcome users and then asks them where they would like to shop, so customers can shop wherever they like, and we also show the number of countries where dabdoob services are offered.

Nizek dabdoob case study introNizek Dabdoob Design 11
Nizek Dabdoob Design 41Nizek Dabdoob Design 43

Dynamic Home Page

Due to the fact that the home page of each country is dynamically controlled by the ERP system, users from different countries experience the mobile and website differently.

Nizek Dabdoob Design 40
Nizek Dabdoob Design 01
Nizek Dabdoob Design 01

Product details

We focused on making this the most important page of the journey, so as to make it easy for the user to navigate, view the different variants of the product, and add the product to the cart at any time.

Nizek dabdoob case study product details 02Nizek dabdoob case study product details

Registration and sign up

A very simple process was followed by the users to register for the application, log in, and use the application

Nizek Dabdoob Design 04
Nizek Dabdoob Design 22
Nizek Dabdoob Design 21

Accurate location

The Dabdoob delivery issue has been resolved by introducing a location map for accurate location so that we can fix the problem and be able to continue our service.

Nizek Dabdoob Design 46
Nizek Dabdoob Design 45
Nizek Dabdoob Design 44

Gift wrapping

Customers often want to select a gift wrapping for their kids, so we've developed a simple way for them to choose their gift wrapping and card.

Nizek Dabdoob Design 16Nizek Dabdoob Design 15Nizek Dabdoob Design 14Nizek Dabdoob Design 17

Wallet and Gift Cards

In addition to offering gift cards and a user wallet, you could also offer a loyalty program to increase sales and retention.

For us to continue working at a high level of quality, we rely heavily on the feedback of our clients throughout our journey.

Nizek - Mohammad-AlHajeri

Through challenging us and asking questions, Nizek developed a scalable solution aligned with dabdoob’s growth plan, helping our team discover parts of the platform we had not thought of.

Mohammad Alhajeri

Chief executive officer


It was a pleasure working with you on this project and I appreciate your attention to detail, good communication skills, and ready smile.

Sulaiman Alanjeri

Founder and COO

Nizek Ahmad-Al-Shyaaa

Their leadership recognized our requirements and the group effort materialized. It became a very cohesive relationship between Nizek and us.

Ahmad Alshyaaa

Founder and CMO