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Our accomplishment

Making grocery shopping as easy as possible

Using technology and understanding shopping behavior, we have developed an easy way to make grocery shopping enjoyable and fun

UX research, concept design, prototyping, system architect, analytics, business intelligence, dynamic homepage, smart categories, cupon system, multiple delivery options.

The Challange

When a buyer makes a purchase, it can be a challenging process, especially determining what is important for their daily needs when buying. Therefore, we needed to make sure we showed the right products to the user.

The Soultion

In order to develop a system that is dynamic and explains to the user what he needs when going to the grocery store, we need to understand the user's behavior and develop a system that shows him exactly what he needs

Find what you want

The navigation system on our site is aimed at making sure the users can find the information they are looking for easily with the help of our navigation system, which is exactly what we intend to have the users do by the end of the day

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Dynamic home page

It is imperative that a dynamic homepage be designed to meet the needs of each individual user, since each user has a distinct set of needs that need to be met

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Check out

A wide range of delivery methods should be available for users to choose from depending on where they are in the process, and the process should only take a few clicks to complete.

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Variety of collections

With the capability to browse products by brand and category, the user is able to find what he is looking for in a very efficient manner as he is able to explore products by brand and category.

Login and setting

Users should be able to log in to their account and access their account settings as easily as possible. It is of utmost importance for them to be able to do that.

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