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Our accomplishment

Enhancing gym experiences through digital technology

By using technology, we have created an application that provides end users with an expectation-rich experience

Operation flow, Digital product design: UX research, concept design, UX/UI design, interaction and motion design, prototyping, user validation, design system, Business Analytics, Marketing Performance.

The Challange

People of different generations nowadays are concerned about having an unhealthy lifestyle and living a way that isn't beneficial to them. It has been prone for people to enjoy things that aren't beneficial, which makes them susceptible to such ideologies about fitness and health, which makes them false.

The Soultion

By using the hot application, people will become more concerned and motivated toward improving their health parameters in a way they can learn and adapt to. The solution comes with making more and more people aware in order to expedite these three health scenarios, which needs to be addressed in a way that curiously helps individuals to adapt to a progressive environment.


We have designed some set of questions to collect the most information from people about their challenges and difficulties when tracking their fitness.

Do you have any preferences when it comes to fitness tracking apps?

Why do you continue to use an app that tracks your fitness?

User perona

Our quantitative research has resulted in the development of a user persona which represents the target audience that we are trying to reach

Nizek hot case study persona

Maryam Yagoub

28 Years
bachelor's degree
Monthly income:
Around 1,000 KD
Marital status:
Civil Engineer

Having just graduated from college, Maryam began a career as a civil engineer. Sher spends most of her time sitting in front of a computer, resulting in weight gain and fatigue. Sher has never been a fitness enthusiast, but wants to change her lifestyle and become in shape. Her goal is to find a fitness app that is easy to use, fun, and provides her with the tools she needs to succeed.

  • Maryam struggles with staying motivated to exercise and needs an app that provides regular reminders and incentives to keep her motivated
  • She lacks a good understanding of fitness, so the app needs to be simple for her to use and understand.
  • Since she is often busy with work and social commitments, she needs an app that fits her busy schedule and is flexible.
  • In the next four months, Maryam wants to lose 10 kilograms.
  • In the next seven months, Shw wants to increase her stamina and endurance so that she can run a 10 killos.
  • To achieve a more defined physique, Maryam wants to tone her muscles, especially her legs and arms.

Style guide

Design style guides lay out all the elements of the design of a product or brand, including the color palettes, typography, imagery, and layout, that should be consistent across all materials that are associated with the product or brand.

Dark red
Dark gray
Light Gray


The fonts that you choose for your fitness applications should be clear and bold in order to make sure they fit the fitness word effectively, and be able to stand out from the rest

The outcome

We have dedicated ourselves to the development of an application that will stand out from the rest and will serve as the only health companion that the user will ever need

Nizek hot case study 06
Nizek hot case study 05
Nizek hot case study mobile 005
Nizek hot case study mobile 005Nizek hot case study 11

Train anywher

The truth is that your training should be able to take place regardless of if it is online or offline, since we ensured that the program could be downloaded and used at any time by the end user.

Nizek hot case study 09Nizek hot case study 07

Step by step

By watching videos and listening to audio demonstrations presented by a professional trainer through a step-by-step guide, end users will learn several professional techniques

Smart suggestion

Our improved artificial intelligence system allows us to suggest the best courses and programs that can meet the specific needs of the user by utilizing a combination of various techniques

Nizek hot case study 10
Nizek hot case study 13
Nizek hot case study mobile 002
Nizek hot case study 01Nizek hot case study 02

Be updated

By using the app, users are able to follow certain instructors and receive updates on their workouts, programs and other information related to them


When using smart search, the user can find what needs to be done next in order to reach his target by concentrating on what needs to be done

Nizek hot case study 01Nizek hot case study 02Nizek hot case study 08Nizek hot case study mobile 003

Perfect companion

Through the use of our smart watch app, we have made sure that the user can keep track of his achievements by providing highlights of his achievements to him as he goes about his day

Nizek hot case study watch 003
Nizek hot case study watch 002
Nizek hot case study watch 001
Nezar Alsaleh hot application

In order for us to achieve our aim of becoming the number 1 fentech startup in the world, the technology we needed was so steep that we needed a team to help us get there, and Nizek was up to the task

Nezar Alsaleh

Chief executive officer