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What they say about us

Here are some comments that our clients have made regarding our projects and the services that we have provided to them as a result of their experience working with us

It was a pleasure working with you on this project and I appreciate your attention to detail, good communication skills, and ready smile.


Sulaiman Alanjeri

Founder and COO

Through challenging us and asking questions, Nizek developed a scalable solution aligned with dabdoob’s growth plan, helping our team discover parts of the platform we had not thought of.

Nizek - Mohammad-AlHajeri

Mohammad Alhajeri

Chief executive officer

As a result of the assistance we received, we were able to focus on what was important in order to have an edge over our competitors

Abdullah Alrashidi

Abdullah Alrashedi


The assistance Nizek provided to my startup greatly helped in the launch of our company, with their help we were able to use technology to our benefit.

Mubark Boursily

Mubark Boursily


In order for us to achieve our aim of becoming the number 1 fentech startup in the world, the technology we needed was so steep that we needed a team to help us get there, and Nizek was up to the task

Nezar Alsaleh hot application

Nezar Alsaleh

Chief executive officer

It’s been a pleasure working with the Nizek team as we are growing Provin. Their team is very reliable and quickly responds to ad-hoc requests. In a startup environment with a lot of changes and growth, Nizek’s team has been very flexible and provides us with customized solutions that enable us to maximize our sales and run operations smoothly.


Alexander Alghais

Head of Operations

They were with us from day one to help us achieve our vision. As a technology advisor we were able to eliminate the friction of technology and scalability.


Jassim Almudhaf


Using Nizek’s expertise, we have been able to develop a product MVP and set industry standards of technology.

Khaled Bujrwah

Khaled Bujarrah


Their leadership recognized our requirements and the group effort materialized. It became a very cohesive relationship between Nizek and us.

Nizek Ahmad-Al-Shyaaa

Ahmad Alshyaaa

Founder and CMO

They make it easy to get into technology world with their know-how. Hands down, Nizek is the best app development company in Kuwait.

Naif Almarzouq

Naif Almarzouq