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What to Look for In An App Building Company

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If you don't have the personal know-how to make an app, you may want to hire a mobile app company. Click here to learn what to look for in such a company.

Is your company ready to enter the world of mobile apps? Mobile phone users top 4.77 billion, and that number is set to grow to 5.07 billion by 2019.

Developing an app is the first step to reaching this vast market of potential new customers. How do you go about making an app, though?

You have two options, do it yourself or hire someone. If you have never designed and developed an app before, you’ll want to hire a mobile app company.

Choosing the right company is more than finding the cheapest service. We’ve created a list of what to look for in your app development company.

Use Your Network

Start by asking your network of professionals if they have used a developer to create or manage an app. This will help direct you toward the good and away from the bad.

This networking will give you an idea of pricing and reliability. Quality companies are in high demand, not cheap, and not interested in every project presented to them.

Type of Mobile App Company

Do not let yourself fall into the trap of selecting a developer based only on price. This could cost you more in the long run when you have to pay to fix what the first company did wrong.


The more experienced your developers are, the more expensive they will be. Do not choose someone lacking in experience for the sake of saving money.

Companies make this mistake and end up spending way more to go back and fix what the first company did. When looking for a development company, ask about the experience of the team members.

A tech-expert app developer is less likely to make mistakes. This means fewer delays in your development. Fewer delays mean you will have your app up and running sooner.


There is a balance when it comes to the size of the firm you select. As a general guide, smaller firms cost less than larger firms. This is a general rule, though.

A larger firm has more overhead, so they tend to cost more. The benefit is that you have a larger team with more knowledge and experience.

This reduces the number of mistakes made. Larger companies tend to stay on the budget better.

Look for a firm that is somewhere in the middle. This will give you a balance of budget and experience.


You will find different pricing based on where the company is in the world. Those in Western Europe, Canada, and the United States tend to be the most expensive.

Those companies in India and Vietnam tend to be the cheapest. These companies will have you sacrificing quality at a discounted price.

If you look at the area between these two regions, you will find a balance between price and quality. Look in the area of Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Ask Three Questions

When discussing your project with a potential developer, you should ask three questions.

1. How long will the project take?

2. How much effort in working hours will it take?

3. What is the approximate cost?

Full Service

You need an app company that can do end-to-end development. This means they will walk you through the entire project from start to finish.

Look for a company that does both the design and the development. Ask the company if they will do the below four phases for you.

Services Provided

When interviewing a development company, ask them about these four services. This will give you an idea of how prepared they are to support your needs throughout the project.

Phase One- Understand and Plan

Look for a company that is interested and invested in you. Do not select a company that takes your “order” and plugs you into an off-the-shelf program.

A quality company will take the time to find out your needs and problems. They will then create a custom plan to address those problems.

As part of this plan, you should expect to see requirements, milestones, and deadlines. It is a red flag if the company provides a final deadline and nothing else.

Phase Two- Build and Design

There are two parts to app development, design, and development. The design is the user interface. The development is how the app works on the backend.

Some companies focus on one or the other. This is not a wise choice when you are developing an app from scratch.

The two halves need to work hand in hand for your app to run smoothly. Look for a company that has a team to work on both equally.

Phase Three- Deploy

Do not pick a mobile app company that does not provide support for deployment. Your app is not ready for end users when the developers have finished.

A reputable company will stand behind its work and provide support for deployment. This is the phase that works out any bugs or glitches.

Phase Four- Maintain

Once your app is built and tested, it is ready for the market. You are not done, though.

Ask your app developer about continued maintenance after deployment. You need to maintain your investment to get the most return out of it.

This will give you someone to go to when you want to add a new feature. It will also make the process smoother when technology and market change.

Start Developing Your App

Narrow down your mobile app company search by deciding on your needs and budget. Then begin looking for a company that is the best quality you can afford.

If you decide on a cheap company from Asia, prepare to sacrifice quality and customer service. While if you pick the US or Canadian company, you will pay top dollar.

The company you select should have the ability to support development from start to finish. This will give you the greatest amount of support and the best quality product.

Contact us today to discuss your idea for an app.


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