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Let's talk vs. InVision Software: What Are the Benefits of Both?

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Prototyping tools make the work much easier. Two popular tools are and InVision software. Here are the benefits of both prototyping tools.

If your company is spending more than 90 days working on a prototype, you’re doing it wrong, plain and simple.

One of the things that can help prevent the productivity issues that can plague teams is a strong prototyping tool that makes designs easy to share. When deciding between and InVision software, you need to measure the costs and benefits of each.

Here is everything you need to know about both pieces of software and which might be better for you.

Using For Asset Management

If you’re looking for a tool to help you manage delivery, asset management, and feedback for your company, is built to give you what you need. You upload each screen or any assets, which can then be organized. With their robust filing system, you can stay organized.

However, any change that you make to files will require a manual upload.

If speed is key, this can be a bit of a headache as you may have to log out, clear your browser’s cache, and log back in to see what you did. This can be an unwieldy process if you’re new to working with the tool, but it might not be that big of a deal.

While is currently working on putting together a service for synchronizing everything, you might struggle until it’s finished. The upside is the wide variety of file types that can manage.

Once you’ve built your prototypes, can make sharing your files a breeze. You’ll get options for creating a unique URL, creating a QR code, or embedding the new feature into a published project. All the resizing can be done within a web browser, even if you’re looking at it on a mobile device.

You get a more robust experience on a desktop browser with the ability to change your visibility, zoom, and jump around between pages. On mobile, you just get a screen to interact with. For more functionality, check out the app that’s available for iOS and Android devices.

Asset Management With InVision

InVision offers a lot of options for doing similar asset management to what you’d want from However, with the desktop syncing app that they offer, along with Dropbox integration, you can synchronize your assets in new ways. You might find that InVision even supports those obscure file types that you can’t get to work with

If you and your team are massive Dropbox users, you’ll all be happy with what you can get from InVision. Before you decide on which tool to use, try out the Dropbox integration and see if you like what you get from it.

When you delete a screen from InVision, you don’t have to worry about it getting deleted from your Dropbox. This is a much smoother experience and helps you to keep your assets up to date.

If client delivery is an issue, InVision should be the one that you trust. You’ll have the same options as you get with, along with SMS or downloadable files clients can look at. When a link gets clicked from a smartphone or tablet, your clients will get instructions on how to add it to their home screen.

This will feel like a native app and help clients feel like they’re using a fully integrated tool. With the additional robust comment mode, you can divide commentators into different groups.

Measuring Up The Pros and Cons of

When you’re looking through the features available for and InVision, you might have trouble sorting out which is better for you. Here are some pros and cons of to help you form your argument for using the app.

With, you get UI libraries for the latest iOS releases. You’ll also get libraries for Windows Mobile and Material Design. Instead of just screens, you get true interactivity that allows for animations, transitions, and scrollable containers.

If you need to see a variety of screen states to provide an understanding of your project with clients, can help. You can even integrate a timer into your app so that you can show screen transitions.

The problems with are important to consider. You’ll find that there’s a serious learning curve that could only be helped with the video tutorials that are thankfully provided.

You might also find that there are just too many features for the needs of your project. Being overloaded might not be fun for you and your team to deal with.

Looking At InVision’s Pros and Cons

Compared to, you might find a lot more to like from InVision. While both applications generally have the same purpose, some important details make them different. These details are what make InVision’s learning curve shorter than what’s required from

If you’re looking to throw together quick prototypes, InVision can help. By synchronizing your files easily, you take away a serious roadblock to productivity. You get plenty of hotspot indicators on mobile and web versions which can help you get work done more quickly.

For businesses that privilege real-time collaboration, LiveShare is a feature your team could fall in love with.

However, InVision isn’t without its problems. If you need to create transitions and animations to help sell your product and show off its features, you’re going to find a very limited palette to work with. If you need a status bar to move, the fixed version that is provided when prototyping can be a hurdle to prototyping.

InVision Software Might Be Too Good To Pass Up

While many teams have been relying on for several years, if you’re about to embark on a new project, consider InVision software. With the robust number of features it offers for such a great price, the key to unlocking accelerated productivity for your team could be around the corner.

If you’re struggling to put the pieces together for your prototyping to the deployment process, contact us for tips.


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