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Marketing Audience Push Notifications

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Are you looking to boost your marketing strategy with push notifications? Click to learn the benefits and best practices of push notifications.

Did you know that push notifications can increase application usage by over 80%? No wonder more app developers are begging to utilize push notifications over email reminders.

Have you taken advantage of this latest marketing innovation? If not, read our guide on how to achieve successful marketing through push notifications.

Understanding Your Target Audience

Your target audience refers to the group of people who have downloaded your application or are interested in what your brand has to offer.

If your tech lives on the web then you can attract your niche from anywhere in the world so you must cater to their interest.

Push notifications can speak directly to individual consumers in real-time. Understanding your target audience can help you decide what kind of rhetoric to use.

Different niches are attracted to different aesthetics and communication styles so enjoy trying out different tactics until you find one that works for your brand!

How to Utilize Consumer Technology

Technology is available in mass quantities to people all over the world. Your application or website has the potential to be engaged by billions of people at any time so your marketing campaigns must be noteworthy.

Consumer tech refers to rudimentary laptops and smartphones with internet access that can link payment information.

Utilizing consumer tech relies on your ability to market your product through devices thoughtfully and engagingly.

Since e-mail and print advertisements are less popular, push notifications have become the holy grail to boost sales.

Marketing through push notifications can earn free applications tons of money if done correctly. The key is to develop a memorable marketing campaign.

What Are Push Notifications?

What exactly are push notifications? They are those small messages that pop up on your mobile and desktop screens from time to time.

App developers and brands customize their push notifications to create actionable moments with their clients and consumers.

Depending on how many apps you have, you may receive dozens of push notifications a day.

However, the push notifications that you create must be interesting to whoever sees them because they can be turned off by the user.

That’s right, mobile devices and desktops alike allow users to switch off push notifications from all or specific applications if they begin to be annoyed by them.

How can you avoid turning off your customers? Take the time to carefully calculate when your notifications will be pushed to the customer and how often they will receive them.

PNO: Push Notification Optimization

Push notification optimization, or PNO, refers to the process of tailoring your push notifications to a healthy amount of actionable updates that are sent to the consumer.

Optimization strategies like SEO, or search engine optimization, take time to fully understand and are specific to every brand.

Optimizing your push notifications depends on user feedback and how well your developers can make your push notification feel engaging.

Nothing is worse than annoying push notifications that possess no relevance to the consumer. That is a quick way to get your app’s push notifications turned off.

To avoid getting the cold shoulder, take the time to run your push notifications through feedback trials so that you don’t waste your or your customer’s time.

What’s Your Brand’s Message?

You may be thinking, these just push notifications so I don’t need to think too deeply about them. However, that’s not always the best strategy.

If your app or website doesn’t have a goal of marketing profitable actions to your customers then you may not need to swear over deep push notifications.

If you are hoping to raise your profits to new highs then it’s important to consider what message your brand is relaying to your consumers via push notifications.

To balance your correspondence with customers try integrating a healthy mixture of actionable notifications with warm-hearted reminders. 

This is the key to having customers look forward to receiving your push notifications rather than avoiding them.

Integrating Trends Into Current Campaigns

Push notifications in and of themselves are a trendy way to engage with customers. However, just like any marketing campaign, trends are an award-winning way to secure your spot in the minds of consumers.

Referring back to your target audience is a great way to see what’s trending in your demographic. 

Simply attaching your brand’s name to a trending message can increase your influence in your specific market.

What’s trending in your niche? The sooner you find out the quicker you can create actionable items with push notifications that mention the trends.

Regularly updating your push notification content can help you stay alert to the latest buzz concerning your niche.

Get Creative: Push Notification Design Styles

Who said push notifications can’t be aesthetically pleasing? Getting creative with your push notification design styles is a great way to challenge your design and app development team.

Push notification design styles refer to the font selection and accompanying images that are sent through your push notification.

Remember, your client is probably receiving dozens of push notifications throughout the day so your design style can help you stand out amongst the crowd.

Reoccuring Push Notification Templates

If this is already sounding too complicated or overwhelming for your brand then consider setting up recurring push notifications via predesigned templates.

This is an easy way to enter the push notification market for small businesses or brands that are in the beginning stages of setting up their online presence.

Predesigned templates are available for download, however, it is also possible to work with your creative team in creating a reservoir of push notification ideas that you can pull from the appropriate team.

Multimedia and Push Notifications

Multiple factors have led to the increase in consumable multimedia content. Integrating multimedia into your push notification content is another way to differentiate your brand from the competition.

Multimedia refers to photos, videos, and gifs (anything belonging to the audiovisual category). Don’t worry, you don’t have to create your original multimedia content.

There are hundreds of websites that provide free multimedia content for you to use without the worry of copyrights or royalty payments.

However, creating your original multimedia content can be a fun way to get your brand’s message across while engaging with customers.

Designing your multimedia content doesn’t have to be complicated. Enjoy the process of developing your brand’s aesthetic! 

Play with color palettes, fonts, and editing software to make something truly unique to your brand.

Remember, your push notifications will take up a small amount of your customer’s screen so keep your multimedia simple.

Advertising Strategies for Push Notifications

Push notifications are supposed to entice consumers to open your app or visit your website so they need to be short, sweet and pack a punch!

Your advertising strategy will be largely based on what product or service your brand is serving to consumers.

For example, if you are trying to attract customers to utilize a specific function of your app then you can directly link to that function through your push notifications. 

If you notice that your user hasn’t logged on in a while then you can send them a gentle reminder to come back to engage with your app.

Remember, you mustn’t be too pushy with your notifications and risk being turned off entirely. 

Apple vs. Android Push Notifications

Every host device has a specific set of customization settings that users can engage with to make their phone experience more personalized.

There are minute differences between Apple and Android notifications. The biggest difference is that Android allows developers to exercise more creative freedom than Apple. 

Apple has strict protocols that app developers must follow to be allied to showcase themselves in the Apple marketplace. 

If you are hoping to exercise total creative freedom then consider developing an app for Android and Google marketplaces first.

Apple, however, shares a majority of developed nation’s consumers so the App Store is a great place to debut a monetized application.

Marketing Ideas for Mobile Notifications

Push notifications are more common on mobile devices, however, they exist on stationary devices that are connected to the internet as well.

There are endless amount strategies that you can utilize when creating a push notification marketing campaign.

Why not take advantage of the fact that the device is mobile? By utilizing the power of geolocation, you can trigger a certain push notification to go off when consumers are at a specific destination.

Applications like PokemonGo have seen soaring success rates by utilizing features like GeoLocation.

This example goes to show that online businesses can utilize the physical world to their advantage without the use of a storefront!

Marketing Ideas for Desktop Applications

Desktop applications are typically skewed towards a target audience that is spending copious amounts of time on their computer.

Stationary devices that are connected to the internet are often used at work, in an office, or in other professional settings so create a push notification that will get the working man to open your application.

Keep this in mind while creating your stationary device or desktop marketing campaign. Also, keep in mind that desktops can turn off your push notifications as well!

How Often Should You Send Notifications?

How often you should send push notifications is entirely up to you! The key is to create harmony between the usefulness and character of your content. 

Some brands send out push notifications every day while others only program their app to send them out when customers have not visited their app in a while.

Test out different relay times to find the amount that is right for you and your customers. Less is more in this case so you don’t risk being turned off.

Successful Push Notification Campaigns

You have learned about PokemonGo’s successful geo-location notifications. Curious about other success stories?

The infamous language learning app, Duolingo, has quickly climbed the ranks and has become one of the most popular learning applications on the market.

Learning a new language can be difficult and time-consuming so Duolingo has utilized the power of push notifications to motivate and encourage their students to keep trying their best.

Duolingo relies heavily on push notifications to remind its language learners to keep practicing.

Duolingo is also a free application that offers paid services within the application. They are not pushy about their paid options, however.

The secret to Duolingo’s success is their green owl mascot who pops on users’ screens with words of encouragement every day. 

The Benefits of Push Notifications

Push notifications are the secret to many app success stories because they are full of benefits for both the app developers and the users alike.

Developers can push their profitable services and consumers can get friendly reminders so that they don’t have to keep track of everything on their own.

Achieving harmony between your brand’s ethos and profitable opportunities is the luxury that push notifications offer the world.

What will your next push notification do for you and your customers? It’s time you began drafting your next push notification campaign!

Let’s Launch Your New Marketing Campaign!

Push notifications are the latest innovation in marketing and are beneficial for both you and your customer. Are you ready for your push notification debut? 

No matter where you are on your marketing journey, we’re here to help! Feel free to contact us with any development questions or concerns you may have so that we can help point you in the right direction.


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