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How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Voice Chat App like Clubhouse?

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Are you interested in creating a voice chat app like Clubhouse? Read this article to find out more about the cost and features.

Are you interested in developing a voice chat app like Clubhouse? In April 2020, Clubhouse was launched and exploded in popularity. 

An audio-based voice chat app that allows you (to legally) listen in on other people’s conversations, Clubhouse has grown into one of the most prominent startups.

Now valued at over $1 billion in just a little over a year since its release, Clubhouse has become undeniable. 

As you can probably imagine, designing and constructing such a platform is not easy. 

There are many variables to consider. Things such as assembling an app development team, doing market research, determining the cost of development, and much more. 

If you’d like to learn more about the process, prices, and features that come along with developing a voice chat app, then read on, because we will be covering all of that and more in this article.

Learning How Voice Chat Apps Function

The Clubhouse is essentially a new type of social media. Previously, you could only join Clubhouse via invite, but as of July 2021, you can now simply signup using an Android or iPhone device.

Once registered, the user then becomes a member in a designated virtual room. 

These “rooms” have speakers that talk about a particular subject that they have seen, achieved, or studied. 

Speakers such as Kevin Hart, Jared Leto, and even Ashton Kutcher have all been featured on the app, which is a testament to its popularity. 

Voice Chat Over Video Apps?

The voice-based feature of Clubhouse makes it quite an appealing app for those who are shy or intimidated by the thought of being on camera. This provides a much “safer” alternative to soothe their bashful tendencies. 

This feature also allows for ease of use, permitting users to utilize the app anytime and anywhere without having to be concerned with appearances.

A benefit that is lost when it comes to video chat. And it’s this level of anonymity that many people find alluring.

Business Model for Clubhouse

Creating an app similar to Clubhouse that is fun, engaging, and can also be successful is going to require monetization. And there is a multitude of ways to do this. 

You can opt for the subscription-based model. Or charge a small fee every time users enter into one of the virtual rooms to gain access to the application’s hallmark features.

Another idea is to use the premium listing method. With this approach, you charge the speaker of a virtual room a fee that would bump that particular room to the top of the list; giving it more visibility for users to find and join.  

These are just a few of the primary methods to keep in mind during the process of creating an app like Clubhouse.

Voice Chat App Features

It’s the features of a voice chat app that are its main attraction. And there are many things to consider on this topic, however, when developing an app like Clubhouse, it’s always good to stick to the fundamentals. 

1. High-Quality Connection

Building an audio-based app requires that each call is of the highest quality possible. A strong connection where the user can hear the speaker’s voice and vice versa will go a long way in making your voice chat app a success.

2. Monitor 

With users being anonymous on the app, you will inevitably get some troublemakers from time to time. Having a monitoring system in place to catch and flag any kind of verbal abuse is essential. 

3. Virtual Rooms 

The various virtual rooms will be designated for certain topics of discussion. This is the strategy Clubhouse employs and it has been very effective. 

Giving the user a multitude of subjects allows them to pick and choose which ones they are most interested in and want to hear/talk about. This will increase engagement and will keep users coming back.

4. Clubs

Let users be creators within the app. Allow them to build communities, host meetups, and start clubs.

5. Settings

Give users the ability to manage their preferences. Color, theme, design, language, etc.

The Cost of Voice Chat App Development

In any undertaking, it’s necessary to understand the cost of development. And building an app like Clubhouse is certainly no exception. 

The myriad of expenses will come from many directions. Here are a few things to consider and budget for:

1. App Developers

One of the first things you’ll need is an app development team. A stellar group of skillful developers who have the talent that you need to bring your app idea to life.

2. Marketers

Advertising, public relations, strategy design, sales, and market research are not going to take care of themselves. Budgeting for a marketer will be a necessary expense if you’re planning on having a successful launch for your app.

3. Tester

A decent tester can work out all the “kinks” that you may not be able to take care of yourself. They can develop test scenarios that find glitches, bugs, and errors in your app and then work to resolve them.  

4. Application Analyst 

An app analyst helps to ensure the app meets the standards and qualifications of the business. They also work with other developers to bolster the app’s functionality.

5. Project Manager

A good project manager will make sure each person clearly understands their role as well as their objectives. Additionally, they will ensure deadlines are met, and the work that is delivered is high-quality, and also manage escalations should anything become heated among in-house workers or freelancers.

Depending on who you’re hiring, the deadlines involved, the features or designs you want for the app, as well as a variety of other factors–the overall cost to develop an app like Clubhouse could be $20,000 to $25,000. 

And of course, this is just a rough estimate, that number could be lower or higher depending on other components. 

Once the finance side of things has been taken care of, it is now time to move on to the next step. Hiring your team to create the app.

Best Interview Questions for User Experience Designers

The user experience of your voice chat app will dictate whether or not people will continue using it. This makes it a critical component of the app design.

So you’ll want to vet your app development team to ensure that you’re outsourcing the workload to the right people.

One of the most critical things to consider when searching for qualified individuals–other than the credentials on their resume–is the questions you plan on asking them. 

Questions will reveal if the applicant has done their due diligence regarding what you’re looking for in the development stages of your app.

So here is a list of questions you can ask candidates to see if they’re a good fit:

1. What are some current trends happening in the UX design profession right now?

This question will reveal if they are up to date in their industry. If they’re a true professional, they will be very knowledgeable and should have no problem answering this.

It’s a great question because creating a voice chat app is a complicated process. So you only want people who are well-versed in their skills and knowledge. And who also have expertise in the latest software programs to make the job as smooth as possible.

Pay particular attention to the way the applicants answer. Do they become excited, enthusiastic, and animated when they respond? Someone passionate about what they do will have that high level of energy.

And that’s what you’re looking for because passionate people will work harder and do a better job creating your app. 

2. Have You Had any Experience Building the Features I Want for my App?

There is a time and place for general experience. However, app development is not one of them. 

You want your designer to have the specific skills you need. So be sure you have a list of the features you want for your voice chat app.

Then when it comes time to interview prospective app designers, you can pair up their skills with your features list.

3. How do you Deal with Security Problems?

App security should be at the forefront of every developer’s mind. Protecting the app as well as the personal information of its users is paramount.

Your potential developer must be fully aware of this necessity.

Storing information, managing payments, handling sensitive details of its users, and dealing with other legislations are all necessary components of developing a high-quality voice chat app.

4. What do you Need Before You Begin Coding an App?

What you’re looking for in a candidate with this question is a detailed comprehension of the app creation process. A good prospect should be able to provide you with a concise, linear answer from start to finish.

Here is a small list of answers you should be on the lookout for:

  • Elaborate the reason for the app (why are you making it? What’s its purpose?)
  • Representation of the target audience (age, income level, and other demographics)
  • Competition applications that may execute a matching strategy
  • Text, images, artwork, etc 

5. What’s Your Methodology for Testing the App?

With testing being such a critical component of the app development process, it is important that you see they have some type of plausible strategy in mind. Or at least something that demonstrates they recognize the significance of this phase.  

The last thing you want to do is launch a faulty app with errors, issues, and other bugs that could have been worked out via proper testing.

This is where having an expansive app development team can be so beneficial. They can find things that you and others on your team might have missed. 

6. User Experience and Design: How Will They Function?

Your app should look appealing. This is part of what adds to the quality of the user experience. 

There is more to designing an app than throwing some sleek or ostentatious colors on an interface. 

A good user experience designer should fully understand this and have a palatable answer to this question.  

7. Do You Have a Portfolio I can View?

The best way to get a feel for your designer is, of course, to view previous projects they’ve already worked on. This will give you perspective into their quality and experience level.

If they can’t provide examples of their work through the App Store, Google Play, or even through a link that showcases their skills, it may cause you to be skeptical.

And fair enough, but before you write them off completely, be sure to ask the last question:

8. Do You Have References?

The most effective way to learn about potential app designers is to contact previous clients. With this approach, you can get down to brass tacks rather quickly. 

Get in touch with their past working partners and ask about their work, work ethic, passion, and other things that are important to you for the development of your app.

You will get clear, concise, and honest answers using this method.

Everything that has been covered so far is the basic foundation of app development. Now you can move on to testing and launching your app.

What Does MVP Means for Mobile Applications?

Minimal Viable Product is essentially a basic outline of the final product. It is delivered to customers with some of the “must-have” features while it’s still in the development stage.

The “minimal” design of the product is used to test its viability in the marketplace. 

Using this strategy to test how your core audience responds to your app can provide invaluable insights that can enhance the final product. 

A perfect example would be Spotify. With over 340 million users worldwide, Spotify is a formidable force. 

And it owes its massive success to the MVP method.

If your voice chat app is already seen as valuable by your target market, then taking their feedback to improve it just a little bit more may be all you need to see enormous success.

The Popularity of a Voice Chat App

With the massive popularity of Clubhouse as well as other audio-based apps in recent years, it is apparent that this market may have some longevity. So developing your voice chat app is a reasonable endeavor.

The cost of development when all is taken into account is going to vary based on your vision for the app as well as all of the different components that were discussed in this article.

If you’d like to learn more about app development or have any questions that you would like answered, be sure to get in touch with us. We’re here to serve. 


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