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Do I Need to Hire a Web Developer? How a Web Developer Can Help Jumpstart Your Business:

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Want to know if you need to hire a web developer? Read on to learn how a web developer can help boost your business.

Globally, non-primary work duties cost businesses a whopping USD $5 trillion every year. Much of these losses result from repetitive or admin tasks.

However, non-core activities also contribute to this massive loss in productivity.

IT tasks, like web and app development, are essential but non-core aspects of a business. Unless, of course, your business is a web development firm. But if you aren’t, then all your DIY web development attempts will only cost your organization.

This should be enough reason for you to hire a web developer. But if saving time still doesn’t justify the costs, don’t worry. Professional web developers can do more for your business.

We’ve rounded up some of the best ways web dev experts can help your business, so be sure to keep reading!

Save You Precious Time You Can Use for More Productive Activities

As mentioned above, admin and repetitive tasks are huge productivity killers. Now, you may think that web development is a one-time project that, when done, won’t eat any more of your time.

But that isn’t the case. For starters, web and app development is already time-consuming in its initial stages. But the time you need to spend on it doesn’t end up on the program’s launch.

It’s a continuous process because you need to maintain your web assets. Maintenance keeps your website and apps glitch-free. There’s also the ever-evolving web development technology you need to consider.

Don’t forget the constantly-changing demands and behaviors of consumers. You need to adapt to these, or you risk becoming “outdated” and failing to meet your customers’ needs.

As you can see, there are plenty of things that happen behind the scenes of web development. Now, do you still have time to carry out all these tasks and still have enough left for your brand’s core activities?

Most likely, you don’t.

That’s why as early as now, you should delegate all your web development needs to professionals. That way, you can focus on the things you do best, such as ensuring you carry out your business’s mission and vision.

Your Brand is Unique, So You Need a Website Tailored to It

There are almost two billion websites today. Granted, only two hundred million are active, but that’s still a lot of websites. That makes it easy to have a site that looks like the rest.

Keep in mind that 90% of the Middle East and African companies are SMEs. Kuwait houses many of these small and medium-sized enterprises.

While they aren’t all your direct competition, many of them surely are. That’s why you can’t afford to have a website that looks like a template.

Your website is essentially your online identity. That’s why it needs to be a reflection of your brand. In other words, it should be as unique as your brand.

Hiring a web developer is one way to achieve this goal. With their expertise and skills, they can create a website or app tailored to your brand. They’ll ensure your web assets are distinguishable from the millions of others out there.

Key to a Creatively-Designed, Fully-Functional, Glitch-Free Website

You only have seven seconds to impress. If you fail, people will have a long-lasting, albeit negative, impression of your brand.

The same goes true for your web assets. Again, they’re pretty much your brand’s online identity. If they lack visual appeal or are full of glitches, it can be disastrous to your brand’s image.

Clashing colors and low-resolution images make for a tasteless, even bad, web design. Glitches like non-working buttons and 404-page errors are also a recipe for disaster.

This is why you need to find a web developer with extensive experience. With their help, you can have an intuitive, responsive, and amazing-looking website.

Hire a Web Developer to Ensure Quick-Loading Web Pages

Site visitors who encounter web pages that don’t load within three seconds are 53% likely to abandon them. That’s more than half of your potential customers!

The question is, do you know exactly what makes for slow-loading pages? Do you have an idea how to isolate their causes and come up with resolutions?

If not, then it’s best you hire a web developer to ensure you don’t experience such huge losses. They know the specifics of optimizing web pages to boost loading times. They’ll make sure your web pages bring in more traffic instead of dissatisfying visitors.

They Make Going Mobile a Lot Easier and Faster

In 2017, 5.14 million people in Kuwait were mobile phone subscribers. Now, add to this the fact that the country has the fourth-highest LTE coverage worldwide. There’s also the matter of mobile accounting for 79% of the entire web traffic.

All these should be enough reasons for your business to go mobile. That can mean having a mobile-friendly website, a mobile app, or both. Either way, your brand’s success in today’s technologically-driven world relies on being mobile.

Professional web developers are masters when it comes to mobile apps. They know exactly how to optimize websites for mobile access. They can create an aesthetically pleasing and functional mobile app for your brand.

Keeps Your Site Safe and Secure

Experts estimate that come 2021, global cybercrimes will lead to US $6 trillion in damages. What’s more, cybercriminals attack organizations of all sizes. They don’t discriminate and love to target SMEs as much as they do giant corporations.

For this reason, cybersecurity should be at the top of your business priorities. The good news is the best web developers have the tools to ensure your online platforms’ security. Back-end developers use only the safest and most secure apps to protect your web assets.

Exceptional Support Whenever You Need It

With a web developer on your team, you can rest assured you’ll get support whenever you need it. This is especially true when you encounter glitches or errors on your site or app.

Even if you only have questions you want to be answered ASAP, these pros are on standby to assist you with all your needs.

Web Developers can Make Your Brand Stand Out.

As you can see, web developers can do so much more for your business than just save you time. They can give your brand that much-needed boost so you can stay ahead of the competition.

So, as early as now, hire a web developer. The sooner you do, the sooner you can enjoy all these benefits.Once you’re ready to plan your professionally-developed website or app, give us a call. We’ll be more than happy to answer all your questions and address your web development needs.


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