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9 Super Effective Tips on How to Market Your App

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Marketing your app is a critical step to its success. Are you wondering how to market your app? Read on to learn everything you need to know.

Marketing your app is a critical step to its success. Are you wondering how to market your app?
Read on to learn everything you need to know.

Are you or your team developing an app?

Whatever your intentions may be, whether it’s for profit, to make people’s lives simpler, or for entertainment, finishing development is only step one. There’s a mountain of hurdles yet to overcome.

Step two begins when you are about to release your app into the app store. With over 2.45 million apps in the app store to date, how can you make sure your app gets the attention it deserves?

To save you from thinking of ways how to market your app, we have 9 tips prepared for you below. Read on to know what you can do to boost your chances of success through app marketing.

1. Give People a Quick Demonstration

Don’t know how to promote an app? Showcase it through a visual medium!

Videos are becoming the best medium for sharing content online. You can use this trend to your advantage to boost app promotion.

You can put together a short demo of what your app can do. The demo should present why people need the app. Your goal, after all, is to market your app. Then show them what your app brings to the table. Important features, unique mechanics, and such should be there to help sell your app.

The length of the demo is important too. People tend to move on if they think that the video is too long for their liking. Consider a quick demo, one as long as 30 seconds or so.

Work with other people, too. Having their input can help in making an optimal demo. After that, consider sharing it across social media platforms to raise your app’s presence.

And speaking of social media.

2. Use Social Media to Boost Visibility

The biggest social media platforms have a ton of users; they can become potential customers of your app as well as free promoters.

Make effective use of your intro text to make your video interesting. Most people have their attention taken by a captivating caption. But that’s not the only thing that can gain people’s attention; having an eye-catching thumbnail also helps.

Take time to make sure the thumbnail of your demo or link is alluring. Some tools allow you to choose your thumbnails available.

Following these steps can increase the chances that your demos and links get shared.

3. Have Your App Reviewed by a Credible Journalist

If you’re confident that your app is amazing at what it does, you should consider having it reviewed by a reputable journalist.

Most app review sites already have a lot of subscribers. Writing a good review about you and your app can only be beneficial from that point on. Your app will have a better chance of getting downloaded, and you’ll have a chance of gaining more subscribers as well.

Go check online which app review sites are likely to spread the word about your app.

That said, make sure their subscriber base will also like your app. There is no sense in asking for a review from a journalist who has a subscriber base made of young adults if you’re developing a game aimed towards toddlers.

4. Put Yourself in Your Customer’s Shoes

This goes back to before you start developing your app. You should have a clear vision of how your target customer will react upon opening your app for the first time. This helps maximize your success by getting into a marketing mindset.

It is even more important if you’re a somewhat new name in the app store. If you’ve made an app targeted to a gaming audience, for example, and what they’ve gotten is more of an organizer than a game, their view of your brand will be negative from that point on.

Getting bad press can lead to a lot of things. However, the worst it can lead to is a bad reputation. You can lose any chance you may have had to gain success in the future.

Prevent this by communicating with your target audience. If they are unresponsive, look into what their group tends to enjoy in an app. A quick look at statistics can help you out a lot in the long run.

5. Make Use of QR Codes

With a lot of people owning their smartphones nowadays, using QR codes for business is a great marketing strategy.

You can use them as a method to get info about your app across to your target audience in no time. Their main point of strength is how convenient they can be. You can place QR codes anywhere you want to—business cards, e-mails, on your web page, and even on physical locations around your area.

People will more often than not scan any QR code they see out of curiosity. Use this to increase awareness about your app.

6. Apply for Awards

Having faith in your app to register in a competition can give it a lot of attention even if you don’t win. All you need to be is a good enough contender to gain the attention of the judges.

To get noticed by them, your app needs to be unique in several ways. It has to have good functionality, and it should have fool-proof mechanics.

During the event, your app will get lots of press and exposure from people covering it. A lot of app reviewers and journalists will be there, and this is your chance to get their attention as well.

Prepare a good pitch for when you present your app. It should increase your chances of winning the award.

7. Create an In-App Invite System

Following the success of Candy Crush and many other mobile games, the in-app invite system incentivizes your users to share the app through social media or other means.

This helps spread awareness outside of your current user base. It is also an effective tactic because the invites are coming from people the recipient knows. This gives the added benefit of trust coming from the user.

8. Start a Giveaway

There is nothing people love more than getting free or discounted items. This also applies to apps in the app store.

You will lose a little money if you’re charging for the app. However, the main goal of this tactic is to get more people to try out your app. You may find that there will be more people buying your apps in the future.

9. Do Good in ASO

App store optimization works a lot like SEO. You use keywords, screenshots, and the description of your app to raise your ASO score.

The app store also takes into account the icon of your app. So, put a lot of thought into the design of your icon. Doing so can help your app boost its ASO score. People can find your app quicker if it has a high ASO score.

Learn How to Market Your App Now

With the help of these tips, learning how to market your app will be a breeze! Go and promote your app now!

Do you have any questions? If so, don’t hesitate to contact us here.


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