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5 UI Design Tips for Mobile Apps

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Mobile apps are some of the most used applications on the market. Here are a few UI design tips to help you make the best app for your business.

Studies show that investing in user experience can have a 9,900% ROI. That’s an astounding rate of return given the fact that you can influence and improve user experience simply by investing in UI design.

Simply put, if you’re thinking of creating a mobile app for your brand then it’s important to keep in mind the user interface design. The UI is what your users will see and interact with when using your app, so it needs to be designed with usability in mind. 

Below we’ll help you make sense of what UI design is, and how it differs, from UX design, and then walk you through five top tips to help you create a UI that’s both effective and user-friendly.

What Is UI Design?

UI design stands for user interface design. Simply put, it is the process of designing interfaces that are both easy to use and visually appealing.

Specifically, in the context of business app design, a well-designed UI can make even the most complex tasks feel simple. Conversely, a poorly designed UI can frustrate even the most patient users.

UI design is an essential part of creating any kind of software application. Whether you’re designing mobile apps or a website, if you want users to keep coming back, you need to make sure your interface is up to par.

There are a few key elements that all successful UI designs share. 

First and foremost, a good UI must be intuitive. Users should be able to figure out how to use an interface without needing to consult a manual or customer support. 

Furthermore, a good UI must be visually pleasing. Users should enjoy using an interface, not just tolerate it. Think about how you feel when you open your favorite app. You probably like the way it looks, right? It’s easy on the eyes and fun to use.

Finally, a good UI must be responsive. It should work smoothly and quickly, without lagging or freezing. In short, with so much competition out there, you can’t afford to have a subpar UI. Invest in good UI design, and your users will thank you for it.

UI Design vs. UX Design: What’s the Difference?

Before we dive into some top UI design tips, you must understand that there’s a slight difference between UI design and UX design. It’s easy to get them confused, and there are certain similarities, but overall they’re different.

When it comes down to it, UI design and UX design are both important aspects of app development, but they serve different purposes

UI design, or user interface design, is all about how the app looks and feels. It includes everything from the colors and fonts to the layout and button placement. 

On the other hand, UX design, or user experience design, is focused on how easy and intuitive the app is to use. UX designers research to figure out what users want and need from an app, and then they use that information to create a smooth and enjoyable user experience. 

5 UI Design Tips

Keeping in mind that UI design is all about the graphical elements of an app, such as the buttons, icons, and layout, here are a few design tips that can help you if you’re working with your in-house development team.

Even if you’re outsourcing your app development, understanding these design tips will help you understand whether or not the design team is implementing the right changes.

1. Think About the Color Palette

When it comes to app design, the color palette can set the tone for the entire app and influence the user experience. When choosing a good color palette for your app, think about the overall tone and feel you want your app to have. 

Additionally, consider the demographics of your target users. Different age groups and cultures have different preferences when it comes to color. For instance, studies have shown that older users tend to prefer darker colors, while younger users often prefer brighter hues.

2. Focus on Simplicity

When it comes to UI design, simplicity should be the goal. A complex design can be overwhelming for users and make it difficult to navigate an app. 

By focusing on simplicity, you can improve the usability of your app and make it more user-friendly. Additionally, a simple design is often more visually appealing and can make your app stand out from the competition.

3. Engage in Goal-Driven Design

To be successful with UI design, focusing on goal-driven design is essential. This approach ensures that every element in the interface serves a specific purpose and contributes to the overall goal of the app. 

For example, if the goal of the app is to help users book appointments, the UI design should make it easy for users to find and select available time slots. 

By contrast, an app to provide entertainment would have a very different UI, with elements that are optimized for engagement and discovery. In both cases, goal-driven design is essential for delivering a great user experience with the interface.

4. Test Your Design

Any designer worth their salt knows the importance of testing their work. But when it comes to UI design, testing is often overlooked. This is a mistake. Just as you wouldn’t launch a website without testing it first, you shouldn’t launch a UI without putting it through its paces. 

Testing allows you to identify problems and pain points early on, so you can make changes before it’s too late. It also helps you to understand how users interact with your design, so you can optimize the experience.

5. Don’t Forget About Accessibility

Finally, don’t forget about accessibility, which is increasingly important these days. This means making sure that the app can be used by as many people as possible, regardless of ability or disability. 

There are several ways to make an app more accessible, such as adding text alternatives for images, providing captions for videos, and designating keyboard shortcuts.

Outsource App Design & Development

UI design for mobile apps is important to keep your users engaged. By following these five tips, you can improve the usability and visual appeal of your app, which will hopefully result in increased user engagement.

Have any questions about UI design or need help getting started on your project? Get in touch. We’d be happy to help! 


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