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3 Strategies to Encourage Customers to Download Your Mobile App

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Are you trying to increase the user base of your phone application? Read on to learn three strategies to encourage customers to download your mobile app.

Did you know that 2020 app marketplaces set a record of over $100 billion in app downloads? If this trend continues then, 2021 could be the biggest year for app developers yet!

Does your app development team have a marketing strategy? One that encourages customers to download your mobile app?

If not, read our guide to unlocking 3 marketing strategies. This will encourage prospective customers to download your mobile app!

How to Make Your App Stand Out in the Marketplace

Your app will face fierce competition in mobile app marketplaces like the Apple app store and Google marketplace.

What’s the secret to making your app stand out against the competition? The solution requires two things.

First, make sure your mobile app has a striking icon. The human brain registers images before text. An interesting mobile app icon can help you score customers before they ever know your app’s name.

Second, provide as much information as possible about your app in the mobile app marketplace.

Nowadays, many people research what they are curious about before purchasing. Set yourself up for success by being as detailed as possible!

1. Showcase How Your App Improves Their Daily Routine

Mobile apps come in every form and genre imaginable. There are so many choices to browse through. Customers can become overwhelmed by their options.

One way to combat browsing fatigue is to make it as easy as possible for customers to gain a sense of your app’s utility.

This is your chance to showcase how your app can improve an aspect of the customer’s daily routine.

For example, fitness apps use the utility tactic to their advantage. They do this by tracking the number of calories customers have eaten.

They also track the number of miles they have walked, and how many hours of sleep their users got that night.

Your app doesn’t have to be fitness to showcase the same kind of utilities that customers desire.

Create Smooth Communication From the Start

Communication is key in the world of mobile apps. Remember, you are encouraging customers to download an application on their mobile devices.

Smooth communication requires careful attention to detail. Pay attention to the foundation of your mobile app’s development.

Frequent the forums that your target audience engages with. You can have a better understanding of their communication style.

It takes time to feel comfortable with the rhetoric of your target audience. Begin by drafting advertisements that can encourage customers to download your mobile app!

Create Push Notification Optimized Reminders

Push notifications have seen soaring success rates in the mobile app marketing industry. As e-mail fades away, push notifications have been establishing their dominance.

What exactly are push notifications? Push notifications are the small reminders that pop up on your mobile device from apps.

Every mobile app has a different push notification style. Users have the power to customize which apps can display push notifications.

The goal of push notifications is to entice users to engage with your application. This applies to apps that are already on their devices.

Letting new clients know that you offer push notifications can encourage them to download your app. Now they know you will send them thoughtful reminders.

Create an App That Works Well With Others

Mobile app collaboration is a great idea. Look at the benefits of mobile apps that work well with others.

Collaborative apps encourage customers to download complementary mobile apps. They pair well with apps they already have downloaded on their mobile device.

Some apps partner with others to share their customer pools. Others apps partner together because it makes economic sense.

Allow Your App to Open From Many Different Devices

Mobile apps like Evernote pair well with the desktop version of the same application. These apps have proven to be successful.

Apps that can transition from mobile to desktop versions are attractive to have. These applications encourage customers to download your mobile app. Now they access their data on the go!

2. Make Your App Free to Download With Paid Services

Free apps encourage customers to download your mobile application.

Prospective customers don’t worry about downloading a free app. They aren’t risking financial loss!

Creating a free application is a great way to create a platform that can advertise paid versions as well.

Free apps can become a crucial part of your mobile app branding strategy. Create a simple and elegant mobile application.

The purpose of designing a free app is to get new customers familiar with your brand and list of services.

Once they know who you are they can become encouraged to participate in your paid services.

How Can Your App Make a Profit if It’s Free?

Just because your app begins as a free portal into your brand doesn’t mean it has to stay that way forever.

Free applications can generate many streams of revenue. It depends on the services you provide.

It is customary for mobile app marketplaces to list your paid services. They are shown in your mobile app’s description. Don’t worry about working that into your marketing strategy.

There are many ways to monetize a free application. Before and after your new customers have downloaded your app, incentivize them.

For your app’s debut, focus on encouraging customers to enjoy all of the features that your app offers. Save the paid services for your app’s evolution.

Which Paid Services Should Your App Offer?

Higher mobile app downloads can increase profits if you encourage customers to review your app’s paid services.

Deciding which paid services your app should offer is a decision that is based on your app’s features and brand ethos.

If you want to boost mobile app downloads, consider offering paid services that encourage customers to visit your app frequently.

App download strategies can include showcasing your brand ethos and mission. If this type of marketing campaign is carried out thoughtfully, then you can win yourself loyal customers who are interested in your paid services. 

How Do Paid Services Encourage Customers?

Paid services encourage customers to download your mobile app by showing prospective customers that your mobile app has the potential to provide them with something worth money.

For example, customers in a shoe store will be more interested in the $100 pair of air jordans than the $10 knock-off version.

Charging customers a fair value based on your application’s worth signifies that your mobile app development team has spent a lot of time creating a thoughtful application.

What Marketing Strategies Should You Use?

Which marketing strategy you will use depends entirely on your target audience, demographic, and niche.

Encouraging marketing strategies expertly relay a message of importance to prospective customers.

However, major mobile apps like Uber have utilized celebrity marketing to their advantage to encourage customers to download their apps.

Although apps like Uber are free, their services require a payment method to work. In little to no time, however, uber has become one of the most downloaded apps in the United States.

Uber’s target demographic is young adults and singles in urban areas. Who is your target audience, and how can your services help them live a more fulfilling life? 

Answering this question will help create the perfect profitable marketing strategy that your developers and users will be proud of.

3. Incentivize Customers to Download Your Mobile App

Incentives can include a variety of forms nowadays. Your generic advertisements can include a small incentive at the bottom to encourage customers to download your app.

Some advertisements, however, find success by relying solely on incentive perks and promotional bonuses.

It will take time to find the right balance of promotional material that is profitable for you and incentivizing for the customer.

Offer Promotional Bonuses for Downloading Your App

Promotional bonuses can take the form of free downloadable credits within your app or incentives that can be used outside of your application.

The most common incentive is the ability to access bonus features for a limited time during your promotional event.

Limited-time deals incentivize customers to act quickly so that they don’t miss your freebies, sales, or discounts!

Encourage customers to download your mobile app by creating a limited-time promotional event marketing campaign today!

Encourage Customers to Share Your App With Their Friends

Encouraging customers to share your app directly from the marketplace or within your mobile application is a great way to spread the word about your app.

When customers share your app with their peers,  prospective customers are more likely to download your mobile app because they hear about your app from someone they trust.

Word of mouth is still a powerful tool in the marketing industry, so make it easy for customers to share your mobile and encourage their friends to download your mobile app for themselves!

Social media has revolutionized the way we share information, applications, and data, so be sure to take advantage of social media advertising platforms.

Social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram make it incredibly easy for users to share posts with their friends and followers, so consider beginning your advertising campaign on a site like theirs.

Make Your Application More Mobile-Friendly

Mobile apps that are easy to use end up getting great reviews on mobile app marketplaces and reviewer sites which can lead to higher mobile app downloads.

Work with your app development team to create a smooth-running application on a variety of mobile devices.

Offering offline use of your application encourages customers to download your app because they know that they will access your content without an internet connection.

Making your app more mobile-friendly should also encourage you to think about how your app can be accessed by differently-abled populations within your target audience.

Apple and Android devices already offer accessibility settings within their design; however, customers will appreciate the bonus levels of customization that your application offers them as well.

Few app developers have taken the time to thoughtfully consider the implications of designing an accessible mobile app, so now is your chance to be ahead of your competition!

Keep a Close on Your Competition’s Incentives

Competitors within your niche are constantly updating their incentive programs to encourage customers to download their mobile apps. 

Keeping a close eye on your competition’s incentives, promotional events, and social media pages can help you strategize your next mobile app marketing campaign.

While you scope out the competition, keep in mind what set’s you apart, what makes your mobile app unique, and how you can outperform your competition.

Stay True to the Ethos of Your Mobile App

Your mobile app’s ethos and mission statement are created by the values of your app development team.

Taking the team to figure out what’s important to your team can help you decide what will be important to your future customers.

Trends come and go, but loyal customers will respect an app development team that doesn’t stray from its core values!

Are You Ready to Motivate Prospective Customers?

Now you are aware of 3 new strategies at your disposal whenever you are ready to encourage customers to download your mobile app.

Consider these strategies as tools that can be used to compose your next mobile app marketing campaign.

Still curious about how to take your app development skills to the next level? Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. Our design team would be happy to assist you; good luck!


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