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10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Its Own Mobile App

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More and more people are migrating to mobile. This is partly because you need your mobile business applications. Click here to get 10 more reasons why.

In the US, people spend more than two hours daily on their mobile phones.

These days, more time is spent looking at mobile phone screens than computer screens. Of course, this means marketing strategies should match this shift.

Mobile business applications have emerged as super hip retail and marketing tools. As apps for smartphones and tablets approach ubiquity, research predicts that by 2021, the app economy worldwide will hit a spectacular $6.3 trillion.

Restaurants, bars, florists, hairdressers, and even medical professionals are among the business and service providers turning toward apps to improve their customer reach and experience.

Read on to find out how your business can benefit from its mobile app.

Round-the-Clock Visibility

Globally, there are more than a billion smartphones in use. Along with each of these phones is a person glued to its screen.

People spend more time than ever on their mobile phones, which is great news for your business.

This mobile phone frenzy means your business is exposed to abundant eyeballs if you have a good mobile presence. Your logo, name, and aesthetic must be seen whenever these masses scroll, unlock, and waste time on their phones.

All of us have devices at our fingertips and in our palms or pockets. Most humans enjoy scrolling while waiting for a bus, standing in queues, and even during the evening news.

All these provide perfect opportunities to send notifications to prospective clients.

Boost Revenue/ Sales

If your business offers internet-based products or services, using a mobile app to make sales is NB.

Providing valuable solutions for customers remotely is one way to greatly increase revenue. It’s simple: the easier it is for clients to reach you, the more sales you will make.

By 2020, it’s projected that mobile app revenue will reach a whopping 188.9 Billion Dollars. This is a 200% increase since 2016, further proving the massive growth potential of mobile applications.

Bulls-Eye Marketing

Mobile apps are like Golden Retrievers; they bring stuff back to you. Stuff you want.

Your customers each have a wealth of information that your business needs to know about. This info forms essential elements in your marketing plan – demographics and geographical locations.

This works the other way around too. You can easily provide stacks of information to your clients about your products and services through mobile business applications.

Mobile Business Applications add Value.

Does your business have a loyalty program? Why not make it digital using a mobile app?

Many businesses are making the shift from traditional reward collections to the smartphone version. As mentioned earlier, more people are glued to their mobile phones than ever before.

They’ll want easily accessible rewards, or they simply won’t engage.

Of course, your customers are interested in valuable products and services. But with so many businesses offering them the same products, it can be difficult to make a decision.

Nudge in the Right Direction

A mobile app can nudge clients toward your store or company. For example, businesses can make use of an area-sensitive push message on their app.

This is often the nudge they need to decide on your business over another similar one.

When clients walk near your business’s physical location, they get a notification inviting them to your store. Curious customers will flock to you to see what you have to offer.

This approach is shown to be effective for big businesses, restaurants, small start-ups, and even large corporations. In addition, businesses can send a thank-you notification to clients after a purchase is made.

It’s all about staying connected to people and reminding them of your business’s presence.

Brand Recognition

It doesn’t matter whether your business is new or just rebranding. Simply provide an app with recognizable features – your audience will be captivated.

Forget the expensive billboard; construct a functional app instead. At the end of the day, not everyone pays attention to old-school billboards anyway.

Effective frequency is a rule of thumb in advertising. It says: if customers see a brand more than twenty times, they will truly notice it.

With the way people are dependent on their phones, it’s easy to pinpoint ways of involving customers regularly in your app. The more often they interact with the app, the more they will be attracted to the products or services it provides.

Let’s Get Engaged

Customers want fast, easy access to your products, services, and contact information. They are much more likely to reach out to your business digitally, as this is a cheap and ‘risk-free’ way of engaging from their side.

These days, many mobile apps have a quick sharing option. Users can share your business info and communication with their friends.

It’s just like a friend telling you about a great service or product they’ve bought. Make your mobile app and let the engagement begin.

Studies prove third-party sales and referrals are among the most valuable marketing strategies.

User Friendliness

Apps are simple and convenient. Potential customers are more likely to make inquiries and purchases if they have a memorable and easy app experience.

It leaves a good taste in their mouth.

Apps allow people to browse products at the literal swipe of a finger. Along with this, they can purchase with a single click.

Push notifications allow you to notify clients instantly about sales and promotions. They’ll be able to engage immediately with the promotion. No need to send out an email; let push notifications do the work.

Millennial Magnet

Millennials spend over 90 hours a month on smartphone apps.

These are the people who are your future customers. They are quickly becoming new professionals and will soon have money to spend on whatever you want to sell them.

They’re a captive audience who are more addicted to their phones than any other group – your work is done for you.

This means your business can instantly gain a new generation of customers who actively use social media and apps.

Customer Loyalty

How many customers come back to you for a second interaction or purchase?

This is a critical element of business that should be cultivated. Brand loyalty is achieved when you constantly and consistently remind your clients of your existence and offers.

There’s too much advertising out there already. Everyone agrees. Massive billboards, flashing signs, flyers, coupons, and banners are some examples.

Are you going to add your communication to these crowded spaces?

If you don’t take a step back to rethink your ad strategy, your message may run the risk of getting lost amidst all this noise. Make your mobile app and replace these old-hat techniques with a sincere connection between your business and your clients.

Develop It Now

Developing an app is easier than ever before.

The fact that an app is always closest to your customer means increased recognition and loyalty. Simply put, your business is at their fingertips. Make your mobile app and watch your profit margins soar.

To find out more, chat with us about creating your mobile business applications. It’s easier than you think.


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